Equine Miracles

  • SAFE Summit Workshop with Vanessa Kohnen

    By Lisa Hansen, Founder & Executive Director

    What is equine therapy? That is the question I always get when I share the type of therapy I choose to heal and stay grounded. 

    I wish every child could have the chance to experience equine therapy, nothing else has helped me more profoundly. My advice – don’t knock it ’til you try it! 

    According to Vanessa Kohnen, Founder and Executive Director of the Rancho Milagro Foundation“Horses deliver a distinct sensitivity that participants relate to in order to bring trust and healing. A horse’s keen sense mirrors the environment to provide valuable coping tools. Participants leave feeling revived and refreshed because of this unique approach to therapy.” 

    Vanessa is a workshop presenter at the Citywide SAFE Summit! She is a retired paramedic from the Fire Department. During her time as a paramedic, she took medical teams to third-world countries. She was the Director for HIV/AIDS and Disaster Relief. Vanessa has been on a horse since before she could walk.

    Vanessa standing at a wood fence wearing a cowboy hat.

    Horses saved her life. Now she wants to share their hearts with others as a certified Life Coach, Equine Specialist and Certified Paramedic.

    In her words, “As a child of abuse, I found my only refuge was with my animals and I’ve had a healing vision ever since to bring this gift to others. By using my trauma recovery as a guide, I have a passion to help others who have suffered from severe abuse. Horses saved my life and now I am thankful and ready to help others start their journey to their own personal recovery.” 

    You don’t want to miss this powerful workshop. Vanessa faced challenges that would have taken her out if she’d let them. Instead, her legacy is saving those who feel stuck and are suffering from the effects of trauma with the help of horses.

    Watch this video to learn about Rancho Milagro!

    Register today! The last day for early bird pricing is July 31st.