She doesn’t stand a chance
if she doesn’t know the signs.

Power Over Predators teaches kids how to outsmart the bad guys.

Give kids the skills to identify, avoid & report predators with Power Over Predators!

Kids are Powerless Without Prevention

“It’s our special secret”


child predators online at any given time

“I met him on Instagram”


of trafficking cases happen online

“I trusted them!”


of children are abused by someone they know

Mother’s Against Child Exploitation

Protecting kids is priority #1.

Join other fierce mother fighters who are dedicated to keeping kids safe.

Kids are POWERFUL with Prevention

“You showed me that there are a lot of predators out there I didn’t even know how to recognize. You are helping & saving a lot of lives.”

10th grade female

“Where has this been all of my life?!? Now I know how to avoid toxic relationships!”

12th grade male

Partners & Praise for POP

“You can be reactive or preventative. I’d rather prevent serious things from happening before reacting. Power Over Predators is prevention that protects kids.”

Dustin Williams,
Pima County
Superintendent of Schools

“Schools must teach students body safety. It’s nice to hear of the great work that Power Over Predators is doing in prevention education.”

Erin Merryn,
Founder of Erin’s Law

“Power Over Predators teaches kids and staff to recognize exploitation. Once trained students and staff have been able to identify victims and alert the authorities.”

Josephina Sabori,
US Department of Justice

Prevention is Power