Mother’s Against Child Exploitation

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Are you passionate about protecting kids? We need you in the ring! Join other “mother fighters” who strive to safeguard children from the critical dangers of in-person and online abuse, equipping and empowering them with skills to prepare, intervene, and protect from victimization. M.A.C.E. volunteers aim for a world where kids are free to discover their worth, find their voice, and take bold steps to tell their story and defend themselves so they can achieve their goals and dreams. Fight like a “mother”, protect kids, put predators in their place and make your Move Against Child Exploitation.

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Mother's Against Child Exploitation

Make Your Money Matter

A million moms giving 1$ a month to raise 12 million a year so we can:

  • Get prevention in every home, school, church, and youth activity program free of charge.
  • Provide financial aid for children and families who have experienced abuse and cannot afford therapy needed to heal.
  • Provide financial aid for children and families who have experienced abuse and cannot afford legal aid.

Get Involved

Spread the Word

Shout Out: Put the decal on your vehicle to show your commitment.

Photo/Video: post in your words of how you are going to fight like a “mother”

Honor Heroes: Recognize individuals such as youth advocates, law enforcement and first responders, educators, etc., to say thanks for moving against child exploitation.

Mama Bear Alert!

Take your social media voice to the next level by posting Mama Bear Alerts (MBA’s) to raise awareness, share tactics that predators are using, warn others about known predators, etc.

Armor Up!

Get certified for free by completing the online training. Receive a gift with your certification.

Give a Hand

Perform support duties.

Mail Some Merch: Mail stickers and welcome packet to new members.

Plant MACE chapters: Help others start a chapter in their hometown.

Moderate social media: Welcome new members, help answer questions, take down negative posts, direct them to POP, tools and resources, etc.

Roll Up Your Sleeves: Help set up events, run an information booth or attend community fairs.

Flex your Power

Give POP presentations at schools, civic groups, clubs and other organizations. Inspire youth, train parents or mobilize community activities to offer self-defense and personal safety for youth.

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