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Ride Like Darne Scholarship

Ride like Darn

The Ride Like Darne Scholarship Fund is a heartfelt initiative inspired by the transformative journey of Darne, a young man who overcame deep childhood trauma through equine therapy.

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About the Scholarship

As a little boy, Darne was on a troubled path until he discovered the healing power of working with horses. This experience gave him purpose and hope for his future. Tragically, Darne’s life was cut short while he was heroically helping a friend in danger. Witnessing her son’s remarkable turnaround, Darne’s mother is dedicated to ensuring that other children and families can benefit from the blessings of equine therapy. The Ride Like Darne Scholarship will provide much-needed support for those seeking healing from trauma, giving them the chance to find hope and purpose just as Darne did. We invite you to contribute to this meaningful cause and help change lives through the power of equine therapy.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to be a part of something at Heart of the horse, my life has been greatly affected and completely turned around since I’ve started on the ranch. Growing up I was never the best-behaved kid and always found myself in trouble, but working with David and the horses has really given me something more rewarding to put my efforts into rather than running around in the streets.

I’ve learned things like responsibility, hard work, and being held accountable for my actions. I’ve also learned how working hard is essential to having a successful future and when you do work hard there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Before the ranch I had been to multiple different therapists from drug counseling, to anger management, and other groups for my ADHD but none of it ever worked, growing up. I had never been around horses but since my very first encounter with Cheyenne on David’s ranch I’ve known horses are like no other animal with the way they read your emotions there’s nothing you can hide from these animals. They teach you how to face all of your emotions no matter how complicated and they teach you to be comfortable and confident even when vulnerable, they teach you empathy and compassion for something beyond ourselves, and on top of that they’re not the worst when you just need a friend.

Again, I am very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and I know the lessons I learn on the ranch I will carry for the rest of my life. Thank you.”

-Darne Jackson on his time spent at Heart of the Horse Ranch