It’s Never Too Late to Get Educated

  • It’s Never Too Late to Get Educated

    By Lisa Hansen, Founder & Executive Director

    I have five grandchildren and two more on the way. I am fiercely protective of them and long to protect their hearts, minds and bodies so they can thrive and grow up happy.

    The odds are not in their favor. The average age that a child is handed a smart device is now SIX. An app that claims it is “safe” for a child does not mean that your kids are safe from predators that are using those apps to “fish” for children. Predators specifically choose apps that our little ones visit so they can lure them into dangerous situations.

    “Cheryl” is a grandma who wishes she had a program like POP when she was a child. Her desire is to see her grandkids grow up free from abuse and exploitation. Watch the video to hear what she has to say about prevention.

    It’s never too late to get educated. Power Over Predators provides lifesaving prevention education for all ages. Register for a FREE 10 day trial today. My promise to you is that you will be equipped with skills to have power over predators.