Future Generations

  • Future Generations

    By Lisa Hansen, Founder & Executive Director

    Graduation time brings up feelings of joy, celebration and anticipation for wonderful things to come. Much has been accomplished, hard work has paid off, and young adults are launched into their future. Most parents and young adults are not aware of predators that specifically target this age group. Why? They are vulnerable, on their own, and legal consenting adults

    “Julia” was excited to start her freshman year at ASU and get her degree in sports medicine. She never anticipated what would happen next. 

    College should be something to look forward to, but there is a harsh reality:

    • Female college-age students ages 18-24 are 3x more likely to experience rape or sexual assault. 

    • Being 18 to 24-years-old increases a male’s likelihood of experiencing sexual assault or rape by 78%.

    • 3 in 5 college students are subjected to hazing. Alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, sleep deprivation, and sex acts are common hazing practices. 

    We teach our kids to wear a seatbelt as a precaution and source of protection – we must do the same by equipping them with the skills they need to protect themselves, avoid or get out of abusive relationships, get help and advocate for others. If they aren’t aware of the threats, they are being set up to get hurt.

    Julia almost gave up on her dreams. Instead, she got the help she needed, took the necessary steps to protect herself, and worked hard to finish school. I’m thrilled to announce that she is graduating from college this week! 

    At POP, we aim for a world where youth discover their worth, find their voice, take bold steps to tell their story, and are free to achieve their goals and dreams. When you join the fight, you are investing in future generations. 

    Julia’s Story is coming soon as a Learning Module! If you haven’t tried out a Premium account yet, sign up today for a free 10-Day Trial! Get equipped with the tools necessary to protect youth.