Defending America’s Children with Craig Sawyer

  • SAFE Summit Workshop with Craig Sawyer

    By Lisa Hansen, Founder & Executive Director

    I am writing to you from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida preparing for an appearance on a new television show, Defending America’s Children, that will air in October! I whole heartedly accepted this invitation from Craig Sawyer, Founder & CEO of Veterans for Child Rescue. They are a partner organization I am proud to fight alongside with.

    Craig is going to host a workshop at the Citywide SAFE Summit! You have the chance to meet him, hear his incredible story, and learn how you can join the fight. 

    Craig founded Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR) in April 2017 with the goals of exposing and eradicating child trafficking in the USA. He produced Contraland, a documentary that exposes the infrastructure and secrecy behind the industrial scale harm of child trafficking.

    Craig Sawyer in an advertisement for Contraland, his movie. An empty swing set is blurred in the background.

    Not long after, tragedy hit home. Craig’s daughter was held hostage at knifepoint and sexually assaulted. Her story is bravely told here.

    This experience served to further spur Craig and his family to take action against predators and defend the defenseless. It also gave his family an in-depth understanding of the importance of quality aftercare and rehabilitation for survivors of abuse.

    Are you registered yet for the SAFE Summit? Have you invited your friends? This is going to be an outstanding day!

    Would you like to be a SPONSOR for this event? I need people that want to show the community they care about our kids and are willing to protect them.

    If you are unable to attend, would you support our efforts and DONATE to POP? Your investment will make a positive influence in the life of a child.