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Why Prevention Matters

Erin Merryn’s experience and perspective underline the significance of child sexual abuse prevention education.
Parents, Professionals

Your Brain Matters

Your brain is involved in everything you do: how you think, feel, act, and how you get along with other people. Online predators take advantage of your brain and attempt to add a painful chapter to your story.

Your Goals Matter

We all need to be equipped with the tools to protect our story so we can maintain a healthy mind, discover our purpose, achieve our goals, and be free to thrive.

Your Life Matters

Your life matters and can change the world. You get to be the author of your story. You get to choose to live a life that has meaning and purpose. The things from your past do not define you.

Your Story Matters

Who is writing your story? Is it you or are you being manipulated by others? Your story matters and must be protected.