Tucson, AZ (April 20, 2020) — The FBI has warned that as a result of COVID-19, “children will have an increased online presence that puts them at an inadvertent risk.” The 50,000 predators online at a given momentwill have increased opportunities to take advantage of our children.

Power Over Predators is excited to announce the release of a new Online Learning Program offered entirely free through the end of July. Schools, churches, and parents can quickly register at www.poweroverpredators.org,  and invite their students to take the course at home.

Power Over Predators offers three interactive online lessons that include true student stories, video vignettes and knowledge check exercises with immediate feedback: 1) Identifying Predators, 2) Internet and the Brain, and 3) Safe and Supportive Relationships.

“Power over Predators teaches kids how to recognize exploitation. Once trained, students have been able to identify victims and alert the authorities.” 

– Josephina Sabori, US Dept. of Justice


“It’s a program that gets to the heart of students and the serious issues that are going on.”  – Dustin Williams, Pima County Superintendent of Schools

During the past five years, Power Over Predators has been presented to 55,000 middle and high school students in southern Arizona, as well as thousands of additional students in twelve other states.