What is the mission of Power Over Predators?

The Power Over Predators mission is to give students the courage and resources to stand up for themselves and make their school a place where abuse is quickly identified and prevented. Students learn to defend each other and learn to protect their own goals and dreams – instead of being controlled by the desires and demands of others.

Is Power Over Predators a faith-based organization?

Power Over Predators is a dba of 4Freedom, Inc. a faith-based nonprofit located in Tucson, Arizona.  Although our founders are inspired by Christian faith, a system of faith is not promoted or referenced within the work of Power Over Predators.  The Power Over Predators Program was developed to provide students, parents, and educators a research-based resource to help protect kids from self-harm and exploitation often brought on through predators and threats that exist in our media-driven culture.

What are the system requirements for the Power Over Predators online courses?

The Power Over Predators eLearning courses can be delivered through our website or the SCORM/XAPI compliment course files can be downloaded by educators for use in proprietary Learning Management System environments.  The SCORM files are located in the “Downloads” section of the school’s account.

What are the system requirements to present Power Over Predators via PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentations were created using PowerPoint 2017 with embedded MP4 video clips and Calibri as the primary font, requiring:

  • Windows: PowerPoint 2010 and higher
  • Mac: PowerPoint 2008 and higher
How do I access the Downloads?

Downloads can be found in the”Manage Account” menu under “Downloads” section.

Note: The video files are large and may take time to download.

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